Are Work-Related Car Accidents Covered by Iowa Workers Comp?

Have you suffered a work-related car accident in Iowa? Are you worried that your employer may not cover your injuries? Workers compensation is a form of insurance that provides coverage to employees who suffer accidents in the course of their job duties. The insurance covers medical expenses and wages lost after a work-related accident.

When you get into a traffic accident while on the job, it is natural to worry about who will cover the medical expenses, lost wages, and damages incurred after the accident. What does the law say concerning such kind of accidents? Will you be covered under the Iowa workers compensation? Read on to find out.

Are Work-Related Car Accidents Covered by Iowa Workers Comp?

The answer is yes! Iowa workers comp covers injuries and fatalities that occur in the line of duty, regardless of who was at fault. The coverage includes car accidents that occur within the workplace and outside the work premises, as long as one was conducting company business at the time of the accident. Some of the instances when a worker would be eligible for compensation include:

  • Getting into a car crash while running business errands, e.g., making deliveries, getting supplies, etc.
  • Being involved in a motor vehicle accident when running errands as instructed by the employer, e.g., picking personal dry cleaning, buying lunch, etc.
  • A car accident that occurs as an employee is traveling to an event that’s sponsored by the employer
  • The nature of the employee’s work requires them to travel by vehicle between job sites
  • The employee is away on a business trip at the time of the accident

In all these circumstances, an employee is entitled to receive compensation if they are involved in a car crash at work in Iowa. The workers comp insurer will cover medical expenses and lost wages. Also, if the worker stays out of work for more than three days as a result of the accident, they may get temporary or permanent disability benefits depending on the severity of the accident.

Which Car Accidents Aren’t Covered?

The Iowa workers comp doesn’t cover all employee car accidents. For example, a worker cannot file for compensation if they get into a crash while driving to or from work. However, the claim can be viable if the accident occurs on the business premises. Also, if one gets into a motor vehicle accident while violating company policy or committing a crime, they will not be eligible for compensation. Finally, traffic accidents where the worker was under the influence of drugs will not be compensated under the Iowa law.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

If you have suffered a work-related motor vehicle accident, the most important thing is to seek medical attention immediately. Let the physician know that your injuries are work-related so that they can document them. According to the Iowa law, you have ninety days to notify your employer that you got into a work-related accident. After being informed, the employer should immediately file the First Report of Injury with the Workers Compensation Commissioner to commence the compensation process.

Work-related car accidents can occur unexpectedly, and when they do, compensation is mandatory. However, one should take note of the instances when the claim can be denied – mainly if they acted in violation of company policy or state laws. If you have a valid claim and feel that the insurer may reject it, contact a workers compensation lawyer for legal advice and representation.