Being pulled over is a difficult, embarrassing situation. It’s also not one you’ll want to take lightly. Your license is on the line, and that can affect your future for years after the fact. Those traffic laws don’t stop in our native state of Texas, either. While we often focus on Texas laws, we also know how tough it can be to deal with laws in states like Colorado. 

While a Denver traffic ticket lawyer can make a difference, make sure you know what to expect from your claim, too. Make sure you understand what a ticket can do to your license and what you can do to deal with it. 

Penalties for a Traffic Ticket

When you’re pulled over, you might think about how there are worse things. After all, you weren’t arrested or left with severe penalties. In fact, your main concern might be a fine, which could be hundreds of dollars but is a one-time fee. 

Unfortunately, your penalties don’t stop there. Instead, you might face points on your license as well. These points add up over time. If you don’t act to get them dismissed, they could even get your license suspended. 

If you’ve already pleaded guilty to a few traffic tickets, that can be serious. If you choose not to fight back, that ticket could be the breaking point that leaves you without a license. 

What You Can Do 

Fortunately, you have options for your ticket. For example, you don’t have to accept and pay for your traffic ticket. Your first step will be to dispute the ticket, which means you’ll need to take your case to court and fight back. 

Once you plead not guilty, you’ll need to get started by choosing the right defense. Usually, that depends on your case type. For example, if you were ticketed for running a stop sign, you might argue that some untrimmed bushes were hiding the sign. 

In a speeding case, you might claim that the officer was mistaken, their machines were faulty, or that you were under duress. While you’ll need evidence to support these, which can be tough to get without help, these defenses can help show you weren’t acting especially dangerously. 

Understanding Your Ticket

When you’re accused of a moving violation, understanding what your ticket means and how you can fight it is vital. Your license is on the line, and that can affect your future and your transport options. Fortunately, you have options to fight back. 

If your license is on the line, or if that fine is just too high for you to pay, reach out for help. Our site has the resources you need, so you can understand your case before you even speak to an attorney. So, don’t simply pay your ticket. Instead, get the help you need to recover.