One minute, you’re taking a drive through Oklahoma City, just having a night out on the town—you may have visited a bar or you might even be the designated driver in a vehicle with drunk people. Unfortunately, that may not help your case if a cop pulls you over. 

Now, you’re expected to take a Breathalyzer or other field sobriety test, which is embarrassing and dangerous for your future. Now, you’re worried about what happens next. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips for handling your situation if you’re pulled over by a police officer for drinking and driving. 

Your Sobriety Test

First, don’t skip the sobriety test, even if you’ve had a few drinks but don’t believe you’re over the legal limit. While a failed test may seem like trouble, refusing the test won’t help you either. 

Instead, Oklahoma has implied consent laws. That means, if you have a license, you automatically consent to having your blood alcohol content, or BAC, levels testing. 

If you refuse the test, your license can be automatically suspended, and that suspension can be lengthy. Instead, taking the test and letting your DUI lawyer step in may be your best options for defending yourself. 

Defenses for a DUI 

Fortunately, you have options for defending yourself against harsh charges, which could include jail time and a license suspension. The details of your case should inform you lawyer of the best defense for your case. 

For example, you may have been parked near the road, waiting for the effects of the alcohol to wear off, when a cop saw you sitting in your car. Because you weren’t driving at the time, you may use the fact that you were sitting still as a defense. 

In other cases, disputing the accuracy of the field sobriety tests might be helpful. Certain visible signs the officer may have been looking for, like bloodshot eyes or staggering while walking, might be effects of a health condition or disability. If you have a condition that would affect these symptoms, be sure to bring it up with your lawyer. 

Dealing with Your Oklahoma DUI

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Oklahoma, you may have grounds to fight back. A single misunderstanding on the officer’s part can change your life if you don’t fight back and avoid a conviction. 

Now you know what to expect when you’re pulled over and asked to complete a sobriety test. If you’re not sure what defense is best for you, or if you still have questions, it’s best to both speak to your lawyer and check out our other resources. We keep our site updated regularly, so you know what to expect if you’re charged with a criminal offense or other violation.